Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the German Mills Tennis Club 2017 Annual General Meeting

2019-04-04 13:54
Minutes of the German Mills Tennis Club Annual General Meeting September 11, 2017 at the Club
Present: Justin Hummel, Malcolm Owen, Robert Perri, Scott Song, Peter Schierau, Hansen Chen, Nick Alexandris, Greg Livertovsky, Umaid Imran, Johnnie Avanessy, Eddy Lum, Evi Glassman, Dinesh Dattani, Suny Seo, Dan Teodor, Jane Bilwani, Danny Kim, Gary Steinberg, Ziba Heydarian, Trevor Sussman.
Justin called the meeting to order at 7:15
1. Motion to approve minutes of 2016 AGM. Peter and Nick. Carried.
2. Justinprovidedareportonclubactivitiesasfollows,
a. Thanked everyone for attending and for being an active member of the German Mills Tennis Club.
b. Executive are very happy with the way the club operated this year. Gave a huge thanks to everyone on the 2017 executive and for all of the hard work
they put in over the past year. Thanked Malcolm, Peter, Dorin, Jay, Jason,
Scott, Raj & Nick for their contributions.
c. We kicked off this season by participating in the first annual Tennis Day in
Canada which we were excited to be a part of and used it to build up some
excitement for our annual opening day.
d. We launched a brand new singles ladder which had 24 registrants in its first
year and many matches played.
e. In addition, we held our regular Monday/Wednesday social events, we had a
Pizza/Wilson demo night, our Annual Fundraiser and we also held two 5.0/3.0 OTA tournaments where we saw an increase in participation:
i. July: 30 in 5.0, 16 in 3.0
ii. August: 24 in 5.0, 17 in 3.0
i. Naqi’s A team finished 3rd in their A North Division (and will likely stay in that division next year)
ii. Scott/Evi’s B team finished 2nd in their B York Division, qualifying for the playoffs.
iii. John/Dorin’s C team finished tied in 5th in their C York Division
iv. Tracy/Rose’s B Centre Ladies Team finished 1st in their B Centre
Division (well ahead of the competition) and will be participating in the Finals of the Year End Tournament at the Aviva Centre
3. Malcolm reported the membership was up to 203 from 171 in the prior year.
4. Malcolm presented the financial statements for the period ending September 11,
noting that revenues exceeded expenses by $16,038 and that the club has $27,732 on hand. The increase in membership and tournament revenue and the reduction in court supplies and hydro expenses were highlighted. The cancer fundraiser raised $565 for the Canadian Cancer Society. Motion to receive the financial statements. Peter and Gary. Carried.
5. Peter spoke about the facilities.
Peter noted the improvements to the lights; that they are now double the strength of what they were last year. Some discussion ensued and a member suggested the strength of the lights on court 3 needed to be checked.
f. From both of these tournaments we got great feedback both from the players as well as the OTA. Thanks to Dorin for helping to coordinate those events.
g. Intercounty Results:
h. In regards to Web, Justin mentioned Jay couldn’t make it to the AGM but thanked him for his work on the web/IT front this year. While for the most part things remained the same on the external facing website, a number of improvements to the backend of the website were made and Jay has a number of exciting enhancement ideas that he has been working on in the background to be implemented next year.

The courts should have been resurfaced this year but the club chose to defer the work to ensure they were done properly. The club does not want fiberglass courts as we have now and that the City has proposed. Peter explained the problems with these courts and noted that other clubs are facing the same issues with their courts - water damage resulting in the courts rippling. Peter noted the warranty on our courts is one year whereas Mississauga by comparison has a five year warranty. We will know by the end of September what the City proposes.
Peter mentioned and thanked Johnnie for the painting of the deck and table.
No windscreens will need to be purchased next year but the club may require a net. The courts will be power washed every two years.
Peter spoke on squeegee use and care.
6. Rob presented the Pro’s report. Junior programs filled out well despite the rain. Club commissions will be a bit higher than in 2016. Rob mentioned that the changes to the round robin tennis where the winners move up and the losers down was received favourably.
7. Justin mentioned there will be a membership survey.
8. Election of 2018 executive. Justin commented on the need of more ladies on the
executive. The following members put their name forth for election. President – Justin
Treasurer – Malcolm
Secretary –
Membership – Scott
Inter-county – Dorin
Communications – Jay
Grounds – Peter
Social – Nick
There were no other nominations.
Gary and Evi motioned to approve.Carried.
10.Other item. There was discussion about club services such as the singles ladder,
stringing provide by Rob and lessons and what else might be provided. It was noted that the arrangement with the City prevents the Club from engaging in retail operations.
11.Peter and Greg motioned to adjourn. Carried